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An affordable massage tool that assists therapists by providing support and reducing the stress on your joints and wrists from deeper tissue massages, while protecting your most valuable commodity: your hands!

  • Massage deeper and work longer
  • Reduce carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Alleviate wrist, thumb and joint fatigue and pain
  • Feels natural and offers maneuverability
  • Greater sensitivity for you
  • Deeper massage for your client

Methods of Use

Alternative Uses

While Thumbsavers was designed to provide joint support for massage therapists, a growing number others are using them:

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What Size Should I Order?

Thumbsavers comes in two sizes. The blue Thumbsavers are large and the red Thumbsavers are small. While most customers purchase one Thumbsaver, many customers purchase two.

Large ($12.00) EACH
3.5" long with 1"
diameter at opening

Small ($12.00) EACH
3" long with 3/4"
diameter at opening

Thumbsavers are available at the Pensacola Massage Center, or can be ordered online, with payment by PayPal.

To order online, please fill in the form below. We will issue a PayPal invoice and your order will be shipped upon receipt of your PayPal payment.

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7.5% sales tax will be added to all purchases shipped within the State of Florida.
Shipping cost per order is $5.00

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