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PMC June, 2005 Newsletter


In This Issue:

Make the Most from Every Massage!

Massage can be a powerful tool to help your body maintain a healthy balance. Why not do everything you can to get the best possible results from every massage session?

Before your session
The mood of your session can be affected by the things currently influencing your life. If you can put the events of your life on pause for a little while and truly devote your session time to taking care of you, the benefits you experience can be greatly enhanced. Life really will wait a couple of hours for you - and you'll be in much better shape to deal with your responsibilities when you are feeling your best! Other things you can do, as time allows:
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower before your appointment time
  • Limit consumption of caffeine and sugar, as well as other stimulants
  • Avoid eating immediately before your appointment
  • Allow extra time in your schedule so you don't have to rush to be ready for your session.
During your session
  • Share what's going on. If you have a tender spot or an injured area, bring it up to your therapist so it can be addressed. If you feel you need more pressure or a lighter touch during the session, please say so. Your therapist wants to make the session the best it can be for you. If everything is great, you can lie back and relax.
  • Let it all go and relax! One of the major massage goals for many people is to lessen tension and stress. Many of those aches and pains that demand our attention are linked to stress. In fact, eighty percent of disease is stress-related, so maximizing the relaxation in each session should help you to maintain a much higher level of well-being!
  • Proper breathing helps you to relax and to reach your session goals. Slow, deep breathing (from the gut) will provide your body with much-needed oxygen, while signaling your body to let go of its tensions.
After your session
  • If at all possible, allow for some quiet time before you continue your busy life.
  • Drink extra water!! Massage releases waste products and toxins from your muscles. Increasing your fluid intake lowers this toxicity and lessens the strain on filtering organs.
Before your next session
  • Make your massage results last by avoiding as many stressful elements as possible.
  • Schedule your next appointment! When you make massage a regular part of your life, you are helping your body to maintain a better state of balance. In the long run, you stand to enjoy much better health gains through consistent sessions.
Nothing is more important than your well-being, so make taking care of yourself a high priority. When you feel your best, you are in a much better condition to deal with all of life's challenges and demands.

To learn more about massage and what to expect from a massage session, please visit our WHAT IS MASSAGE THERAPY? section....or call and speak with one of our therapists!

Salute To Dad

Right around the time I turned three,
his deep voice entered my memory.

I needed to hear I was good enough,
that my awkward years would make
a diamond from the rough.

I always was the apple of his eye
that beheld my every mistake
and turned it into pride.

He gave me gifts of wisdom
way beyond my years,
he showed me there could be love
even through the tears.

A devoted champion
he comes in many forms:
mechanic, carpenter, handyman,
a witness when I was born.

Sports fanatic, tutor, a great big hugger,
artist, war hero, news anchor, scholar,
medicine man, dream weaver, and music lover.

Some are by blood, some linked by hearts,
it matters not how fathers get the part.

If Heaven's gates await
then that's where I'll be,
once again coming home to
where my dad waits for me.

Author Unknown

And what better way to say "THANKS DAD!" than a

What's New at The Center


Each Monday in July - 7:00 8:00 PM
Class size limited to 8 adults & 8 infants
Infants age 1 9 months


More Therapists!

We have had some new therapists join us, so be sure to check them out on our Staff page!

Facial Treatments!

The Center is now licensed to provide Facial Treatments!
Pollution, stress, improper skin care, poor diet, and the use of incorrect products all contribute to premature aging of the skin. A facial treatment helps to balance and beautify the skin of both men and women. All treatments are performed by highly qualified, licensed estheticians in a private room.

The treatments are $40 per hour and gift certificates are available!

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