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PMC July, 2005 Newsletter


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Headaches are a common source of pain for many people but for a number of different reasons. Indulging in that extra cup of coffee, your favourite chocolate bar, or taking on too much at work, could spark a headache. Massage Therapy teaches headache sufferers to take control of their pain by identifying what triggers their headaches and, in some cases, alleviating them altogether.

Can Massage Therapy help?

There are a number of different types of headaches that can be treated with massage therapy. If you suffer from the symptoms below you are in luck - a Licensed Massage Therapist (RMT) may be able to help.

  • Tension headaches are caused when muscles and blood vessels in the neck, upper shoulders and scalp spasm. Traumatic injury, overuse, poor posture, emotional stress or a combination of, are usually to blame.

  • Migraine headaches stem from a temporary narrowing, then widening of blood vessels in the brain. Migraines are typically sever and affect only one side of the head. Warning signs often include vision problems and an upset stomach.

  • Cluster headaches are caused by an irregularity in the blood flow to the brain and appear in groups. They are frequently severe and one-sided, but unlike migraines, show no warning signs or symptoms. Alcohol may be a trigger.

  • Sinus headaches are pain caused by congestion and irritation of the sinuses - usually to do with allergies or a cold but sometimes related to an infection.

  • Allergic headaches develop from a heightened sensitivity to a substance eaten or inhaled.

Massage Therapists know headaches!

Patients who receive massage therapy for migraine headaches report less pain, more headache free days, take fewer pain killers, and sleep more soundly. Massage Therapy increases the amount of beta-endorphins in the blood, which promote pain relief and an overall feeling of well-being.

To learn more about massage and what to expect from a massage session, please visit our WHAT IS MASSAGE THERAPY? section....or call and speak with one of our therapists!

What's New at the Center?


Pensacola Massage Center has outgrown our current location!
We have reached the point that we have more requests for openings than we have, it's time to take that next step in order to accommodate our clientele.

Massage Therapists and co-owners Mike Hinkle and Shawn Brinza are in the process of remodeling a double unit -- STILL at The Oaks Shopping Center -- in preparation for our move and expansion. Soon, we will be located in Units 1 & 2 in the second building at The Oaks.

Our new location will feature EIGHT therapy rooms, including a "wet" room which will allow us to offer our clients body wraps and herbal body treatments. We will also feature a sauna room with private bath and shower facilities.

Each of the new rooms will be a larger than those we currently have and two of those rooms will have connecting 6-foot wide doors that may be opened to provide a double unit for couples massage.......we believe that we will have the largest massage therapy rooms in Pensacola!

With our larger facility, the popular "Ladies Retreats" will now be able to accommodate up to 16 ladies at once!!!

Come on by and check out our new digs.....and watch our transformation from a large, bare room.....into the new Pensacola Massage Center!

Along with progress comes the inevitable.....
Effective September 1, 2005, our rates will increase slightly due to the expansion and much higher rental rates. Our $40 massage (which we have maintained for one year) will now be $50 an hour.
But, remember, that is a full hour ON THE TABLE
No 50-minute hours at the Center!

Meet our newest staff members

We have several new therapists working at the Center...please visit our Staff Page to meet them!

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