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Facial Services

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? Everything that comes into contact with your skin gets absorbed into your body, blood and cells.

Our products use natural ingredients combined with vitamins and essential oils to help nourish, feed and regenerate the skin; antioxidants help fight free radical damage which causes premature aging, cancer and disease.

Reward your skin with one of our facials, each customized to you and your skin's personal needs. Essential oils will help to melt away stress, fatigue, anxiety or sickness.

Treat deserve it! And remember, your skin is a reflection of your body, mind and spirit.

Basic Facial - 30 minutes - $30.00
  • A perfect choice for the busy soul with little time. Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, rebalancing toner and hydration treatment. Skin will fee recharged and refreshed.

  • Add a 15-minute hand, arm and neck massage or a face massage for $10.00.
Custom Facial - 1 hour - $55.00
  • Is your skin Oily, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Combination? This facial is customized to meet the needs of your skin at the present moment. Includes 20 minute hand, arm, neck & face massage.
Back Facial - 30 minutes - $45.00
  • The ultimate back scrub!!! A cleanse, exfoliation, mask and massage. It's like a facial, but for your back. Careful....this one is addictive.
Two Birds One Stone Combo - 1 hour - $60.00
  • Get a basic facial and a back facial combined into one service. A savings of $15.00.
  • Ultra Moisturizing Facial (1-hour - $75)...using ultra hydrating moisture, this facial is perfect for seriously dry, dehydrated skin. An hour long facial, includes 20 minutes massage, ending with a paraffin moisture mask.

  • Deluxe Facial (90-minutes - $100)...Escape into this 90-minute treatment which includes a massage of the hands, arms, neck, decolletage and feet. The Liquid Gold moisture treatment will incorporate a 10-minute face recirculation massage, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. An eye treatment will follow, sure to wake the weary. If that's not enough, a scalp massage using essential oils will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and simply naturally wonderful.

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